Thursday, August 7, 2014

Simplify by Bill Hybels

*I received this complementary copy from Tydanle in exchange for my honest review.

Exhausted? It seems to be a theme these days that many people are tired, burnt out, and desperate for some rest. The rat race has us spinning the wheel, going nowhere, but feeling like we are ever so close.

Introduce Simplify by Bill Hybels.

Mr. Hybels has been there...and is still there. Trying to juggle his non-profit world and his family life is no small task. Yet, he has addressed ten areas in this book that if can be controlled, instead of controlling, should lead to a life of enjoyment and satisfaction instead of misery and emptiness.

Some of these areas discuss: having a good exercise program, managing finances, controlling fears, and having good relationships.

It is worth noting that when things are not as they should be, people tend to became less dedicated to various areas of life and this can cause exhaustion and frustration.

For example, if one does not exercise regularly, then health problems can occur. This can lead to not feeling well and not interacting with relationships. Relational disconnect can lead to allow fears to be overcoming instead of asking for counsel and/or prayer. Thus, the one area can affect many.

I really enjoy the section on fear as I tend to be a worrier and allow my mind to get the better of me. By focusing on my all powerful God and His protection and control, I can relax my fears and enjoy life. Thus, I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who wants to unclutter their soul.

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