Thursday, August 28, 2014

A Call to Resurgence by Mark Driscoll

 Is American Christianity becoming a thing of the past? Is there a future for it?

Mark Driscoll address these questions and others in his book, A Call to Resurgence. In his book, Driscoll starts off with the challenges that face modern day, American Christianity and how the church arrived in this position.

He then goes into how churchs are going the way of tribes; holding on to beliefs, having chiefs, and fighting for their land. While some of this is not bad, when the fighting becomes nasty with verbal, and printed word, attacks the world shakes its head and becomes disinterested.

For example: one church may say that drums are okay and another say they are distracting. The outside world could care less and seeing churches fight over this trivial matter (I say trivial because sinner dying and going to hell do not have the same weight as use, or non-use, of percussion instruments) deters them form attending a church.

It is this type of combat that Driscoll is opposed to and wishes were not the case. However, there are some truths that must be fought over and not dismissed. Driscoll argues passionately that many in the church have let go of truth and it has caused great judgment and suffering.

From there, Driscoll goes into some church history and various beliefs within certain denominations. I found this section to be quite interesting as denominations arose because of certain understanding and interpretation of passages. While Driscoll does his best, even he admits that not everyone denomination holds to all the same tenets but as a whole most denominations stay close to certain beliefs.

The whole point of all this is to show that while we have differences, the church must continue to reach the lost and quick bickering among its various expressions. Once the whole world has heard, then we can debate some finer points but not before that. We need a resurgence of vibrant, active, and bold Christians to stand up for what they believe; standing up for truth. That is the heartbeat of this book and it is heard loud and clear.

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