Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Powerful Story

*I received a copy of this book via Booksneeze.com in exchange for this review. The review is my own and I was not prejudiced to write a positive or negative review.*

This was a very moving and powerful story. I was greatly encouraged to see how Dr. Carver handled such hatred and mockery by doing what he knew God created him to do.
To see how a man such as Dr. Carver showed so much concern for all of God's creation, both human and non-human, was so profound that I found myself wondering, "why do I now think as such?".

Being born into an era were racial hatred was predominant, should have caused much animosity for white people. Yet, Dr. Carver rose above it all and was instrumentally used by God for great success.

I highly recommend this book to those in upper class high school who seek encouragement to follow the passion God has given them. You will be tested and reading about a man who was greatly tested should give hope that with God all things are possible.