Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Beginning

So, I've decided to create this blog for books that I'll read and then review. I figured it would be a good idea seeing as how I love books and do read reviews on,, and some reviews on

With that in mind, I'll try and review a plethora of genres minus works by Anne Rice, Stephanie Meyer, and anything with Fabio on the front cover. Having said that, if I really have to do a review on Stephanie Meyer or Anne Rice I guess I'll give them a one book grace allowance. I'm just not that interested in the vampire culture; too dark for my taste.

The books I would like to review will be those that are around 25 years old or newer but I'll post the occasional review on some older works. If you have any suggestions on books to review, let me know.

Oh, don't use this blog as homework for a book report because that just annoys me. :)