Friday, August 29, 2014

Overwhelmed by Perry Noble

Overwhelmed. It is a feeling that many with worry have. We worry because of all the things that could go wrong. We are overwhelmed by many of the things we have in our lives. Exhaustion leads to burn out which can lead to despair.

In his book Overwhelmed, Perry Noble writes about how weak we as humans are. We have this idea that we can do it all and are superhuman. Nothing is too difficult and when it seems to the contrary we try harder believe we can overcome. Instead what typically happens is being overwhelmed.

Enter God. God is bigger than our problems, fears, and worries. However, it is a sad, but true statement, that when we are stressed we often forget to spend time with God. We forget the God who is bigger than everything.

Perry Noble points out that our troubles start with the absence of God is our lives. We then struggle with more and more because we do not take things to God. We forget the source of our strength and thus become overwhelmed. Noble points out that we must let go of control and let God control the situation. This must be based on trust.

However, we trust not because we fear what might happen. We also have such a frantic pace in life that we do not have time to even get to know the God that we desperately need to trust. We also fear being disappointed as though God will somehow let us down.

Yet Noble shows again and again that God is faithful and will do what is right. We must align ourselves with Him and He will work all things together for good, including giving strength when feelings of being overwhelmed are present.

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