Thursday, August 14, 2014

Abraham by Charles Swindoll

He is the "father of a great nation", the man through whom "all the nations of the earth will be blessed." He is father of Isaac, the grandfather of Jacob, and through his line comes David, Solomon, Daniel, John the Baptist, and Jesus Christ.

Yet, there is much that can be overlooked about Abraham by just casually reading his story in Genesis. Charles Swindoll was written a wonderful book giving insight into who Abraham might have been and why he may have done what he did.

By using historical information about the time in which Abraham lived, such as customs and beliefs, Swindoll has allowed the reader a better view of Abraham.

I found this very helpful as I often was perplexed by some of the decisions Abraham made. Seeing now that is was the custom of the time really enlightened my understanding of certain passages in Scripture.

I also enjoyed how Swindoll showed Abraham as he was: a man. He was a man that made mistakes, had doubts, and suffered because of his errors. Yet, God still used him in a marvelous way. Such encouragement is readily accpeted that if Abraham can be used by God with his faults, so can I.

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