Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Christian Lover by Michael A.G. Haykin with Victoria J. Haykin

*I received this book from Reformation Trust in exchange for my honest review.

This book is a collection of letters written by various Christians starting with Martin Luther and ending in the mid 1940's. It is an open look into how marriage influence some great couples and how they viewed their marriage from God.

Each letter, with its unique style, causes an appreciation of marriage that has a lasting impact. Reading Martin Luther, for example, shows how much the reformer valued and loved his a man. He was a great giant of the faith, yet was humbled by the love of his wife.

This is but a small taste of the letters contained in this book. Others were written in such beautiful language that the poetic genius is to be well appreciated.

I recommend that this book be read by couples to encourage, strengthen, and impassion their marriage. It will challenge men to be better husbands and women to be better wives.

For the men, I found myself thinking, "do I love my wife in this way?". To see great men of the past love their wives so deeply and intimately stirred within me the desire to have the same relationship with my wife. I want to be able to write such words that come from a life of love. Words that have backing; words that have guts.

For the women, it was a challenge to live so that letters could be written to them because their husbands appreciate and love them dearly. A man should not have a hard time expressing himself to his wife when he loves her with all his being. A wife that loves her husband in the same way will allow him to be open and draw forth the expression.

Once again, I recommend this book to all married couples. It will be worth your while to read together and then make your own letters of love.

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