Tuesday, October 14, 2014

365 Pocket Prayer for Mothers

*I received this complimentary copy from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review.

Before I get too far I must first say that I am not a mother; I am a father. However, I was really curious about this little book. As someone who enjoys prayer books (Book of Common Prayer, Celtic Prayers, etc) I really wanted to see what this book had to offer.

The first thing I noticed was the heart of prayers. They were deep, emotional, honest, but potent. I was greatly surprised by some of things that were written. I would not have thought to pray like that.

For example, one prayer was how the child challenged the mother to be more joyful. This was inspired by giggles. Giggles! Who would have thought that giggles would cause a longing to be joyful?

Another example was the mother recalling her child walking very wobbly and how she longed to be "caught" by God when she struggled to walk in her life.Those are just two examples of some very powerful prayers that were inspired from ordinary childhood events.

I would highly recommend that mothers get this little book to read when they have the chance. It should encourage you as a mother, challenge you to enjoy those "moments", and to thank God that you are a mom.

P.S. I was saddened that there is not a 365 Prayers for Fathers...yet. If it is anything like this book it will be a great book for any father.

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