Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Skinny Life by Crystal Dwyer Hansen

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for this honest review.

Weight loss.

For some that evokes the seemingly insurmountable task of trying to get in shape.

Cutting calories, hitting the gym, weighing in daily. No sweets, no fun; no life. Who wants to live like that?

Crystal Dwyer Hansen understands and has written a book about such matters.

Skinny Life gets to the heart of the weight issues so many people face: your mind and its accompanying thoughts. Hansen teaches that you must first change your mind before the body begins to change. She does this by ending each chapter with an affirmation. Each affirmation puts positive thoughts into the mind with the intent that the body will follow. 

This does not mean that her readers can eat whatever they want. On the contrary, Hansen gives some examples of food that aids the mind and helps create mental optimization. From there the body begins to do what it was created to do: efficiently use food.

I am on a "get in better shape" phase of my life right now. This book really puts things into perspective and challenged me to live my life rather than endure it. That is what Skinny Life hopes to convey and Hansen has done it well.

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