Friday, August 7, 2015

Boundless by Bryan Bishop

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Baker Books in exchange for my honest review.

When I think of Jesus I tend to think of worshiping him as an American. I sing to Him with an American style of song, I pray to Him with an American style of prayer, and I read my Bible through the eyes of an American.

Yet, all across the globe people are worshiping and finding Jesus in a non-American way. Some even continue to practice some of the traditions that their heritage has passed down to them.

Is this Biblical?

In his book, Boundless, Bryan Bishop explores how other cultures have found Jesus, worship Him in their own way, and then ponders where or not such an expression of faith is proper.

Muslims fasting for Ramadan, Hindus chanting and burning incense, and Buddhists meditating are a few of the examples that Bishop gives of those who found Jesus but still maintain some of their religious heritage.

A paraphrase of what one person said is that they see the truth in other religions, how it was twisted, and how they found Jesus by straightening out the twists. Some pointed to Paul quoting a poem about Zeus to introduce the true God to the Greeks at Mars Hill. If Paul used the present culture to point to God, why can't we?

I must admit that I was not sure how to handle this book at first but after completing my read I see the value. One takeaway is that I should research other religions so that I may connect with other faiths. By this connection, Jesus may be introduced. That is what truly matters and how sinners become "boundless" to sin.

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