Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible by Keith Ferrin

*I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review.

Reading my Bible. As the son of a pastor, been in church all my life, taught young-men's Sunday School, and presently teach the College & Career Sunday morning class, I know the value of reading my Bible.

I have read books on Bible reading, heard messages on it, and have purchased Bible study software to help me to better understand the Bible.

Yet, I still have the struggle of reading my Bible just like many other Christians I know.


I know the value of reading. I know that the Bible is my source of wisdom, love, and strength. I know that Jesus died for me and wrote a love letter to me explaining why. However, I keep coming back to this: I do not find reading the Bible enjoyable.

In his new book How to Enjoy Reading Your Bible, Keith Ferrin lays out how he came to enjoy, yes, enjoy reading his Bible. He details his own struggle on Bible reading and what he suggests to do in order to enjoy Bible reading as he does.

There is nothing profound in this book and yet I found it so refreshing to read. By keeping it simple and easy to do, Ferrin has primed the pump for anyone who struggles with Bible reading to begin a life of Bible-reading enjoyment.

GET THIS BOOK!!! Whether you are new to Bible reading or seasoned, go out and buy a copy. I will not give my reasons why; Ferrin has done that very nicely on his own. Read his book and you will see what I mean.

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