Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Awakening to God by Gerard Long

Are you asleep? I find it interesting you cannot answer that question. If you answer  then you are not asleep.

Many people are spiritually asleep and do not know it. Gerard Long wants people to wake up; not for themselves but for God.

There is so much life that God has for us yet many choose not follow God into an abundant life. Why?

God has a purpose; some revealed and some not revealed. Yet, many will not go even so far as to walk in faith. "I have no idea what God wants from me" is something that might be heard.

Are you listening to Him?

Long points out that God is speaking but we have not have our ears tuned to His music. Suffering, brokenness, opportunities, love, and more are all part of the symphony of God's workings.

Sadly, many do not see God in all that He does. We try to understand it all in our own strength when the All-Powerful is offering His strength to carry us. Gerard Long wants you to experience God's power and discover His purpose for you. Awakening to God is his book to challenge his readers to find God: even in the places we may have forgotten.

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