Friday, January 31, 2014

Perfect Ending by Robert Jeffress

*I received this complimentary book from Worthy Publishing First Look. The word are my own and I was influenced in any way in the writing of this review.*

I really enjoyed this simple book on Bible Prophecy. The examples and the layout really worked well together to explain some rather difficult theological terms and teachings. The book never assumed that the reader had any knowledge of prophetic teachings which is why this book is great for those who would like to start studying Biblical prophecy.

While I do not hold to all the teachings presented by Dr. Jeffress, he did a wonderful job of explaining why he believes as he does. He also presents some other views that he does not agree with and gives his reasons for why he dismisses those views. Thus, he does a good job of trying to be fair and present more than one view of Biblical prophecy. A very basic book on a very difficult subject but one that could aid many in their personal understanding of prophetic matters.

One thing to note is that this book is heavily weighted toward the Book of Revelation. Those looking for a more broad view of Biblical prophecy would do well find additional books for study. 

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