Monday, November 1, 2010

The Grace of God by Andy Stanley

**I received this complimentary copy through All the opinions expressed are my own.**

This was an amazing read and well worth the time spent reading it. Andy Stanley did a masterful job on communicating the grace of God. By showing how man does not deserve God's grace, how God has extended his grace a plethora of times, and why grace is a great gift of God.

Mr. Stanley does not try to persuade the reader to his understanding of grace but tries to inform the reader of what the grace of God is. By doing this, he allows the reader to come to their own conclusions. After all, grace is something not easily understood by mankind, something Mr. Stanley readily admits in this book.

Another plus for this read is the way in which Mr. Stanley weaves the story of grace exhibited. By using Biblical history, Mr. Stanley shows that some of the greatest Biblical character had much grace extended to them and how such grace is still available today. God has not changed; neither is the grace He gives.

I would highly recommend that this book be put on your "must read" list. Mr. Stanley is an amazing communicator and his style, with this subject, work wonderful in tandem. The beauty of grace was revealed with such passion and candor that I found myself stopping several to review what I had just read. A six star book when only five stars are given.

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