Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Four Secrets to a Forever Marriage by Michael Letney awith Karen Hardin

Are there secrets to a great marriage?

In his book for secrets to a forever marriage Michael Letney details how he is not the perfect husband but with the four secrets that he has learned he has helped his marriage remain solid through life's difficult times.

The four secrets that he mentions are: transparency, truth, trust, and unity. While there are probably more things that could be used in a marriage what I appreciate about the Four Secrets is that when they are combined and understood they form a great foundation upon which to build a solid marriage.

I will not go into all of the secrets. However, I will focus on thhe one that stood out to me the most; transparency. I have seen a lot of things happen in this world that could have been avoided because of transparency. We are afraid to let people see our faults, especially with loved ones such as a spouse, and as a result we do a great detriment. Marriage needs to be built on trust and one of the ingredients in trust is transparency. If anything ruins the trust then there will be no trust.

As a result, transparency is vital and when I appreciated about the transparency section of this book is its simplicity Letney brings forth why it is so key and I understand why he put it first. One of the areas in which Letney really points out how transparency is critical is in the area of intimacy.

Intimacy is something that is needed in a marriage and it has to be there between a husband and spouse. The perfect way to get that done is through transparency. To be open and to be organic with each other, hiding nothing, and willing to be seen for what someone truly is and not how they want to be perceived. Transparency is not easy which is why many do not engage in it. However, those that do will begin the journey of a lasting marriage.

There are many marriage books out there. Is this one of those marriage books that will be the go to book for every marriage? Probably not.  However it is definitely a book that should be in the arsenal of tools used to make sure that a marriage remain strong and is intimate.

* I receive a complimentary copy of this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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