Thursday, January 8, 2015

Churchless by The Barna Group (George Barna & David Kinnaman, General Editors)

*I received this complimentary copy from Tyndale Blog Network in exchange for my honest review.

The unchurched is a term given to those who do not attend church. They may not be opposed to church, they simply choose not to attend. Why? That is the question that Churchless address.

In this book, statistics and research is given to show that most unchurched are not citing issues like hate speech or church scandal. Neither are they giving responses like disdain for tithing or other financial issues.

In truth, most do not attend church because they do not see the value of doing so. They see church members speak of love and joy and yet do not see such aspects in the lives of those that attend. I must agree on this point.

Many churches teach the love of Jesus and His peace but the attenders seem to be depressed outside the church walls. The unchurched see this and say "no thank you."

However the research in this book shows that many would change their view of churches if the members did things like: grieve with them, get to know them, appreciate some of their interests, not act so click-ish. By doing these, connecting with those who do not attend church is the best to get them to become interested in attending, so say the Barna group.

I found this book a good read and the research an excellent support. It was insightful and informative and a good resource for those who are scratching their heads when it comes to reaching the unchurched.

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