Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Uncommon Marriage by Tony & Lauren Dungy

The Dungys have done something that many married couples do not do: they opened up their lives to their readers. From successes and struggles, to disagreements and understandings, the Dungys book will give insight into the journey of their marriage.

It started with Tony, as a football player, being introduced to Lauren, who felt football players were ego-driven athletes, and from there realizing that there is more to people than our perceptions.

They found the differences in each other became a balancing of sorts in areas where each was not gifted. Those differences would be needed as several moves, possible job opportunities not coming through, and adoption of children (one with special needs) would push, strain, and test the their relationship and marriage.

However, through it all, the Dungys held firm to this foundational truth: God is in control of our lives. When all seemed to unravel they would pray. When things did not make sense: prayer. When guidance was needed the asked God for direction.

Their story is one of triumph, not because they had continuous victory but because they sought God and kept going through His strength. This book will be a great encouragement to those married couples in whatever area of life they may be. I highly recommend this book (preview 1st chapter here)

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