Thursday, June 26, 2014

Real Men Don't Text by Ruthie & Michael Dean

 Take a good look at the title. Yes, you read that right. Now, I have an idea what you may be thinking, "What? Men don't all." Before assumptions are made let me assure you that the authors are not forbidding men from texting.

What they are saying is that a real man should conduct most of his romantic relationship in person. If a man is texting a woman as the majority means of communication the authors hate to break it to you but "he's not interested in you."

Throughout the book, the authors give anecdotal, and personal, information on why a man should step up and call a woman to arrange a date.

Michael & Ruthie Dean
For example, a man who calls a woman to ask her out is showing that she is worth his time. Why? Because, unlike text messages, he is will to hear and be heard by the woman he is seeking. Text messages are quick and impersonal. Ladies, do you want an impersonal man? Say no to a text invite and inform him to call, i.e. MAN UP!

I found this book to be funny and insightful. I have told my young men's Sunday School class to ask a woman out properly and to see a book with a similar mindset is very encouraging. Thus, those of us in the technologically-connected world would do well to take a page from the old school mentality: call on the phone.

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