Monday, March 24, 2014

The Road We Must Travel

*I received this book from Worthy Publishing in exchange for this review*

The Christian life is a life that is full of a variety of experiences. Some of these experiences are amazing, glorious, and fulfilling while others are painful, difficult, and exhausting. Yet to learn from those who are ahead of us, taking their wisdom and applying it, would be a wonderful benefit.

The book The Road We Must Travel is a way to do some of that. Various authors have come together to encourage, guide, warn, and be authentic with Christians who are following them in life. These authors talk about the lessons they have learned in the areas of: self assessment, correcting errors, handling difficult situations, refueling, and mentoring others.

The first staring point is one's self. Christ said that before you go to correct someone make sure you do not have some glaring fault you are not addressing. Four authors have written some insights on assessing yourself in life's journey. If someone is not regularly assessing their life, learning from both positive and negative circumstances, then there is the possibility that growth may not occur. However, if one assess, takes corrective measures, growth can occur.

This is the second part of the book: Necessary Repairs. This section is about the tools to use to take corrective action. From praying, reading Scripture, listening, and confessing, these tools are needed to align a life with what God desires. Many Christians go through life without realizing how important these tools are and thus ignore or dilute their power. Yet, when a Christian sees that without these instruments, that damage will come, they will hopefully take corrective measures; necessary repairs.

The third part deals with the difficulties in life. Hard times are bound to happen; it is inevitable. How a person responds will either show character or lack of it. As Christians we should see that troubles drive us closer to God. Seeking God for wisdom in trying situations, strength for exhausting difficulties, but also to see what God would have us learn is the meat of this section. If a Christian responds properly to tough times it will show God to a lost world. This may drive them to seek God; a diamond to come from coal.

The next two sections deal with not burdening oneself with things and possessions that hold no eternal value and to not get too self-focused so as to ignore the trials of others. Materialism is so prevalent that fending it off could almost be a full time job. These distractions get in the way of helping others because a person is focused on getting and getting. Christians must heed the warnings of Christ that we cannot serve two masters. When we serve Christ we should see other people as He saw them; hurting and lost. When our eyes see it should drive us to get involved and redeem a broken life.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it as a yearly read to make sure that a life is aligned with what God wants, and does not become distracted and tired by trying to do too much, but seek God during the dark times, and aid others to do the same.

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