Friday, November 15, 2013

The Ragamuffin Bible, NIV

The Ragamuffin Bible is a thought provoking Bible with thoughts and quotes from Brennan Manning, author of The Ragamuffin Gospel. While not a devotional Bible per se, it has some great material that can be used for devotional means.

I found the Bible to quite nice in size and feel. Some Bibles try to pack in so much that the Bible is either heavy in weight or the font size is made smaller to lessen the weight. The font of this Bible makes for easy reading and enough room for some small, personal notes by the reader.

I really enjoyed the placement of the quotes/thoughts by Mr. Manning. They did not distract the reader from the text but were at good locations to read when the time was right.

As to the audience, this would be a great Bible for those that are in a "struggle" time in life. The meditations and wrestles of Mr. Manning will resonate with those trying to make sense of things when God's actions seem mysterious.

*I received this book from in exchange for an honest review. I was not influenced in any way to write a positive or negative review.*

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