Sunday, April 17, 2011 Dating by Les & Leslie Parrot

"Online dating is for those who can't get a date the old-fashioned way." Phrases likes these, and other myths about online dating, are what Drs. Parrot & Parrot try to dispel in this book.

The Parrots show that, when used properly, online dating can be a very useful and effective tool for finding that "special someone." It is not to be looked upon as solely for the social misfits. Gone are the stereotypes of online daters being the Quasimodos of the world. Online dating sites are being used by managers, students, blue collars, white collars, university-educated, and high school dropouts.

It is for this reason that this book was written. It gives helpful tips on how to use online dating sites, some pitfalls to avoid, and if online dating is even right for the reader.

However, what I enjoyed from the book was its simplicity. Drs. Parrot and Parrot do not give all the answers but merely good, sound advice on how what online dating can do and what it cannot.

**I received this courtesy copy from Tyndale in exchange for this review.**

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