Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Chazown by Craig Groeschel

Wow! This book will revolutionize the way you think about your goals and vision; your chazown. From the beginning, Mr. Groeschel challenges the reader to maximize his/her life and embrace the passion placed in him/her by God. Starting with how to recognize your chazown, Mr. Groeschel takes the reader down the path of how your vision plays into your daily life. Your health, finances, relationships, career, and religious faith are all addressed.

What is very unique about this book is the way each topic is divided. Instead of a chapter on each subject, each topic is broken in sub-chapters lasting no more that four pages for most sections. The reason is so the reader will read each sub-chapter and think about what was written. That is the key to this book.

This book is not meant be read but rather digested over a period of time. As each spoke (think bicycle tire) is discussed, it is discussed in short segments with each segment building on the previous one until the chapter is completed. This causes a reflection that is much needed for a person's chazown to manifest itself.

Also helpful are the "take action" suggestions throughout the book. Each action item is intended to use what has been taught and to personalize it to each reader. This is what makes this book unique from other books of this nature. It does not give advice and then leaves the reader to chance. No, it gives ideas on how to find, build, experience, and grow your chazown until your chazown surpasses your life. Thus, this book is an absolute must read for those wanting to find their God-given passion and purpose.

(FYI - at the time of this review, the website mentioned throughout the book is being modified and thus may not be functioning correctly. This should be changing soon. see www.chazown.com)

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